What we’re doing for you

In these testing times of COVID-19 outbreak, the things that have gotten even stronger are the spirit and creativity of humans. Over the past few weeks, organisations around the world are trying to keep their customers updated through their various social media platforms, putting an extra burden on their budget.

Under our 1:1 Commitment, we would like to extend our support and offer our free services to first 20 brands in the form of 03 social media creatives for a social message that you want to convey to your customers for COVID-19 awareness.

In the bid to fight this pandemic, all our employees have been working from home. But as a creative agency, we are committed to experimenting and bringing the best on the table no matter what the situation is. If you think your organisation could make wise use of the mentioned opportunity to support the communities, feel free to reach out to us.

How are we doing it

Here is the distribution of our 2000+ hours for our impactful cutting-edge design or development
assistance for your awareness campaigns against the coronavirus pandemic.

Terms of use

Please remember our free digital and design support will be applicable for COVID- 19
awareness campaign only and should not have any commercial or business promotion objectives.

Contact us for support

or write us at hello@joiie.org