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We are a cause marketing consultancy that helps companies make a positive social impact alongside the financial return for them. We create a social purpose strategy to support the idea and believe nothing can be more powerful when a community of inspired individuals finds a way to derive profit through the most sustainable acts.

joiie « Just One Inspiring Idea Everyday » aims to unite brands and communities around inspiring ideas to bring a positive impact on the ground.

Our Approach

Ideation | Joiie


We use intelligent global impact search tools to find social metrics that resonate with your brand and create a compelling strategy around that.

Strategy | Joiie


Our practical strategy focuses on your brand's purpose, communication, and its impacts while creating measurable social benefits and a positive ROI.

Execution | Joiie


We gauge success through an execution plan powered by our four pillars of development, design, social media, and content for a real-time business environment.

Joiie Impact


By tapping the right influencers, organizing events and contests, engaging all stakeholders and NGOs, we capture the real impact on the ground.

Our Leadership

Our professional partners

Gaurav Hasija

Gaurav Co-founded joiie Impact to inspire a new kind of purpose-driven tribe under his 1:1 Commitment. With the experience in leading numerous integrated campaigns for many brands, he provides transformative strategies and financial directions to all impact projects to their success in different market environments.

Rishi Kumar

Rishi heads joiie Impact consultancy to catalyse and drive the social impact initiatives through the power of storytelling. He is known for his creative excellence in working with iconic brands such as Tata, ITC, and Times, among many others. Rishi was also a founding member of "Hope Collective" an aggregator platform for NGOs, created by IITn.


With a Master degree in Sustainable Development from TERI University, Devakshi leverages her skills to create dynamic buzz strategy campaigns for our social impact projects. With a demonstrated history of working in a diverse range of categories from retail to medical, she is our advisor on board.

Ravi Bhandari

Ravi's background of over 20 years incorporates a variety of senior roles in India and Europe, including working with corporates and helping start-ups and International companies to establish their business in different market enviroments.

Our partners

Our partners in creating a social impact

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What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way to align the business practices of a company with its social and environmental responsibilities. Companies aim to achieve a balance between them either through their philanthropic efforts or by improving the sustainability factor of the product and services.

How can my business impact the society positively?

The prime responsibility of a business is to provide great quality products or sustainable products at reasonable prices. Every business should remain aware of the impact of its product and services on the society and environment.

What is social responsibility?

Social responsibility starts with being conscious of the nature of the products we are buying. For companies, it can be understood as their efforts to take accountability and become transparent about the sustainability of their products and services. The term also includes the social responsibility of individuals towards the environment, which means" choosing to buy a product because of its reusable nature or biodegradable nature".

What is cause marketing?

Cause marketing is a way to align the profits of a company with its CSR efforts. A lot of companies have been struggling to generate revenue with their CSR practices. With cause marketing a for profit and a non-profit can help each other in ways that are mutually beneficial. A great cause marketing campaign raises awareness on a key issue while also highlighting the brand for its effort towards the cause.

What are the benefits of cause marketing?

Even one effective cause marketing campaign has the capability to create a lasting impact on consumers' minds. It has been proved that people are willing to pay more for products from a brand associated with a cause. By aligning with a cause, the brand targets a specific audience which makes it stand out among its competitors while generating revenue from the cause it is investing in.

Why my company needs CSR?

For many companies around the world CSR still remains a marketing gimmick. Though it is the moral obligation of corporations to give back to society, CSR is an opportunity to garner more loyal customers through such efforts. It can enhance the image of your brand and can establish a positive relationship with your existing customers. The companies that have been actively contributing to society through their CSR efforts have been able to attract employees that care for more for the environment than just collecting a pay-cheque at the end of every month.

What is corporate environmental responsibility?

Corporate Environmental Responsibility concerns the steps taken by the companies to ensure zero waste and reduction of emissions. Under this, companies aim to maximize their production while minimizing their carbon footprint.

What is corporate social responsibility companies act 2013?

The Companies Act, 2013  has formulated Section 135, Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014 and Schedule VII which states mandatory provisions for Companies to fulfil their CSR.  Th act is applicable to every company registered under the Act, and any other previous Companies Law and any company with a net worth of Rs 500 crore or more, or a turnover of over Rs 1,000 crore or a net profit exceeding Rs 5 crore in any financial year.

What is consumption philanthropy?

As a consumer, if you care about the sustainability factor of the product or service you are buying, you are indirectly contributing to society. Every conscious buyer can be called a consumption philanthropist.

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